Hangcha Launches New AGV Website and Solutions Platform


According to authoritative data, the global automated guided vehicle (AGV) market size was valued at USD 4.28 billion in 2022, an increase of 6.5% year-on-year; while the AGV market size of China is USD 1.39 billion, an increase of 23.83%. AGV demand is growing rapidly, and it is widely used in the automotive industry, home appliance manufacturing, e-commerce and logistics, tobacco and other fields, and there is still a huge space for the development of AGV in the future.


With nearly 50 years of experience in forklift R&D and manufacturing, Hangcha(link to: https://www.hcforklift.com/), now the China's top three in AGV forklifts, enjoys a domestic AGV market share of more than 10%. In 2022, our AGV(link to: https://www.hcforklift.com/product/agvs/2) projects brought a value of USD 80 million. Currently, We have 6 series of more than 30 products, including 3t pallet AGV, 2t stacking AGV(link to: https://www.hangchaagv.com/product/53.html), and 3-5t stacking AGV; the high-level reach series, including 2t reach AGV( link to : https://www.hangchaagv.com/product/56.html) and VNA three-directional reach AGV; Also the load transfer AGV, the traction series and the mini series. 


Click to watch and know more about Hangcha AGVs https://youtu.be/Cgtv9P_iaaw


Now, more than 500 Hangcha AGV forklifts projects have been landed, varied from photovoltaic, automotive, 3C electronics, rubber, logistics, to pharmaceutical industries at home and abroad. Our customers include Bekaert, Shenyang BMW, Shanghai Volkswagen, Cainiao Logistics, Zcrubber etc. Our AGV solutions greatly reduce the labor cost and deployment time, the highly efficient and flexible solution always surprise our customers.


Hangcha AGV Application Cases


AGV is the result of global scientific and technological development. It has been widely used in various industries to promote the logistics developed in an unmanned, smart and efficient way. The use of AGV will improve the automation of operations, reduce labor, optimize operating procedures, improve efficiency and safety. It’s estimated that the global AGV market size will reach a value of USD 8.66 billion in 2030. 


You may be wondering how to choose the right AGV solutions for different industries and application scenarios? We will explain in detail in the next article, so stay tuned!Click to learn more on our newly launched AGV web:www.hangchaagv.com



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