AGV Solutions for Warehouse Logistics Industry

Hangcha Intelligence make your warehouse logistics operations cheaper and more efficient. Hangcha Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) solutions allow your storage facilities and logistics providers to cut costs, boost capacity, improve traceability and eliminate transport and product damage entirely. The solutions are suited to both in-house and third-party logistics and storage facilities.

AGV Benefits for Warehouse Logistics Companies

Reduce the number of errors in the warehouse or fulfilment centre

Eliminate transport and product damage

Ensure just-in-time material flow

Know the total cost of ownership in advance

Keep precise track of all goods

Implement AGV solutions without stopping production

Cut labour costs through automation

Maximize uptime with our diagnostics and support

Your warehouse logistics facility will benefit from a combination of proven technology, trustworthy maintenance and expert staff behind Hangcha AGV solutions. You can rely on the Hangcha AGV modular design, which is based on tried and tested warehouse truck technology from Hangcha Intelligence.

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