AGV Solutions for Photovoltaics Industry

By using Hangcha AGV product, compared to manual forklift, Seraphim’s overall warehouse utilization increased by 40%, and the daily warehousing and storage time has been increased by 20%. This has greatly improved reliability and safety compared to traditional forklifts.

AGV Benefits for Photovoltaics Companies

Reduce the number of errors in the warehouse or fulfilment centre

Eliminate transport and product damage

Ensure just-in-time material flow

Know the total cost of ownership in advance

Cut labour costs through automation

Implement AGV solutions without stopping production

Our driverless transport vehicles automate the linking of the individual work steps in your plant and thus create a structured process. In this way, you not only optimize your processes but also ensure the integrity of the environment, the safety of the personnel and the transported goods.

This is how Bring increased warehouse productivity
through our automation solutions
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