AGV Solutions for 3C Industry

Hangcha Intelligence makes your logistics operations in the packaging industry cheaper, more streamlined and safer. Hangcha Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) solutions allow you to optimally automate your packaging facility logistics and achieve high warehouse capacity with just-in-time supply.

AGV Benefits for 3C Companies

Achieve high warehouse capacity

Stay flexible when production and product handling requirements change

Secure just-in-time supplies

Know the total cost of ownership in advance

Benefit from AGVs purpose-built both as AGVs and for your setting

Implement AGV solutions without stopping production

Pick specialized customer orders without multiple handling

Ensure your 3C industry facility can keep delivering for your customers day in, day out with industry-specific automation. Boost your warehouse capacity, fully automate your process flow and secure just-in-time supplies with Hangcha Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) solutions.

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