AGV Solutions for Pharmaceuticals Industry

The uncompromising demands for process optimization and strict regulatory compliance are driving adoption of automation and AI in the pharma industry, one of the most research-intensive and critical sectors that has direct impact on human lives. We are at the forefront of transforming conventional pharmaceutical logistics, empowering companies achieve increased output, improve overall operational performance, and drastically bringing down product recalls.

AGV Benefits for Pharmaceuticals Companies

Mart warehouse solutions result in gainful and
effective utilization of storage space through
higher storage capacity per cubic feet of
warehouse simultaneously enabling dynamic
inventory organization and delivering high
picking accuracy.

Pharma industry which is subject to
stringent regulations of drug codes,
expiry dates and fluctuations in chemical
shelf-livescan greatly benefit from smart
automation that ensures traceability and
regulatory compliances.

Your warehouse logistics facility will benefit from a combination of proven technology, trustworthy maintenance and expert staff behind Hangcha AGV solutions. You can rely on the Hangcha AGV modular design, which is based on tried and tested warehouse truck technology from Hangcha Intelligence.

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