AGV Solutions for Ceramic Industry

Hangcha provide the overall solutions from offline storage to polishing. Through the application of 5G+ display screen、5G+smart storage、5G+glaze robot、5G+Automatic quality inspection, and use the management system of 5G database collection, remote control, ERP, MES, The ceramic enterprises have comprehensive monitoring the production capacity, process, staff situation, energy consumption, equipment operation status. Complete the flow of materials between different processes, replacing the manual forklift truck.

AGV Benefits for Ceramic Companies

Achieve automated warehouse management

Avoid damage to goods and equipment caused by manual truck impact

Secure virtually 100% traceability

Reduce waste thanks to the AGVs’ smooth, predictable handling

Stay flexible when production and product handling requirements change

Reduce damage to vehicles, stock and site

Ceramic industry difficulties

Hot and dusty working environment ,and increasing labor costs, but limited storage space are main problems in the ceramic industry.


3ton AGV heavy duty ,flexible、heavy load、high lifting, high racks,in a aisle with 9m, Dual vehicle parallel handling pallets with 2130×3660mm and 3000kg. reducing the ceramic damage , the shelf utilization rate also reaches 100%, improving the storage volume.

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