Hangcha Okamura Logistic Integration

Hangcha Group Co., Ltd. and Okamura corporation hold the signing ceremony in Feb 28th

2022 ,working in the field of inteligent logistics, jointly venture to establish a company "Hangcha Okamura Co., Ltd.

Material Handling System Business

Comprehensive logistics equipment manufacturer

Design, manufacturing, maintenance
service of material handling
system(ASRS, conveyor, racks)

Industrial Segment

/ Production line for the manufacturing industry
/ High-mix low-volume logistics for the distribution industry
/ Transport system in cleanroom

Flagship product

Multi-stage independent rotary shelf
rotary rack Fastest warehouse type
sorting system in the industry
Delivery more than 1000 machines, 200 companies

Products Range

Multi-stage independent rotary shelf

Rotary rack

Fastest warehouse type sorting system in the industry

Stacker crane

Auto store

High density store


Hangcha storage solutions are modular so your system can be tailored to meet your business needs. They’re also scalable, allowing your system to grow right along with your operations.

Application Industry
Medical Equipment
Convenience Store (Frozen food)
Food (Food processing center)
EC (Cosmetics)
EC(Daily necessities, interior goods)
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