AGV Solutions for Beverage Industry

Hangcha successfully won the bid of the domestic well-known wine industry under the intelligent storage equipment project. The project using existing site for the finished products and packed goods , rebuild automated stereoscopic warehouse, total warehouse number close to 50000, and supporting double deep stacker, conveyor, elevator and other kinds of automation facilities, greatly improve the warehouse space utilization rate and automation, increase the warehousing capacity, improve the efficiency .

AGV Benefits for Beverage Companies

Achieve automated warehouse management

Stay flexible when production and product handling requirements change

Secure virtually 100% traceability

Know the total cost of ownership in advance

Combine mobile racking with AGVs to save space

Implement AGV solutions without stopping production or modifying the warehouse

Reduce damage to vehicles, stock and site

Hangcha Intelligent makes your logistics operations in the food and beverage industry more efficient, economical and streamlined. Hangcha Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) solutions allow you to achieve near 100% traceability of your food and beverage facility logistics while cutting costs and drastically reducing damage.

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