AGV Solutions for Automobile Industry

“ Hangcha AGV pallet trucks effectively help us solve the problems of transporting the
varied sizes auto parts among different plants, which greatly improve our working efficiency
and productivity.” said from Brilliance BMW.

AGV Benefits for Automobile Companies

Achieve a clearly defined, planned process

Stay flexible when production and product handling requirements change

Reach a state of constant material flow

Know the total cost of ownership in advance

Create the perfect conditions for just-in-time deliveries

Implement AGV solutions without stopping production

This is the first global AGV project that perfectly ”co-exists with manual logistics vehicles” of BMW, which enjoys 360° all-round safety protection and 98% or more equipment utilization rate.
Located in the city of Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China, BMW Brilliance Automotive Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between BMW Group and Brilliance China Automotive Holding Co., LTD., engaged in the manufacturing, sales and after-sales service of BMW brand automobile.

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