AGV Solutions for Rubber Industry

Ranking the first among domestic tire companies, CHAOYANG tire, a well-known brand affiliated to ZC Rubber, takes the lead in this industry. With continuous promotion of the industrial 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing, Chaoyang closely follows the country’s development pace and Hangcha aims at improving its overall customers image and solving their actual problems, has designed its customized vehicle types after consideration of much field research and planning. These vehicles have been put into use and have also successfully replaced human with machines.

AGV Benefits for Tire Companies

Cut labour costs through mixed fleet operations

Know the total cost of ownership in advance

Easy integration between Hangcha Intelligent and your Manufacturing Execution Systems

Implement AGV solutions without stopping production

Greater material control through real-time transport monitoring

Maximize uptime with our diagnostics and support

As the world’s leading supplier for overall intelligent logistics solutions, we have actually achieved our mission of “making logistics more intelligent and making material handling easier” by virtue of the improvement and promotion of AGV related technologies.

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