Industry 4.0

We supply one of Industry 4.0’s key technologies by designing, manufacturing, installing, and maintaining connected products. We offer connectivity and integration services with users, predictive maintenance, and performance analysis with in-depth knowledge of plant performance, making multi-site comparisons, analyzing applications based on shifts...


Our mobile robots are not only the company's transportation system, moving goods from one place to another, but they are also its “nervous system” due to the information they transmit, collect, and move. All our mobile robots have an on-board PC and several sensors – they are like a walking loT chip, constantly collecting information.

Safety Systems

Autonomous mobile robots are collaborative robots that move safely within industrial environments, coexisting with humans and manual trucks. At Hangcha Intelligent, people come first, and so we ensure that all our products meet the strictest safety regulations.

Safety Laser

Scanning range is divided into three areas, the safety low speed zone, buffer zone and emergency stop zone, and the scanning range is adjustable from 0° to 360 °.

Anti-collision Bumper

It is the last safety barrier of AGV, When the safety laser fails, it can still collision emergency stop with protection.

Warning Device

On AGV top ,will equipped with an acoustic and optical alarm device. When the AGV runs, the warning will be given directly to remind pedestrians and other mobile devices to avoid it.

Navigation Systems

Our different technologies can be used for vehicle location and navigation throughout the facility’s layout. With NDC Solutions you have everything you need for excellent control of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) whatever the application—navigation, hardware and software as well as design and service tools. The result is lower total costs for you and your customers.

A Magic Combination

The world of automated guided vehicles is expanding. New vehicle types such as carts and mobile robots are gaining ground as well as reflector and natural navigation technologies. Together they create new ways for companies to improve efficiency in material handling and warehousing, with a short payback period. The LS2000 navigation sensor and CVC700 give your automated guided vehicles the eyes and brains needed for fast and precise movements.

NDC8 works with all established navigation technologies. There is support for a combination of technologies, so-called multi-navigation, which is good if you want to serve a storage space using one type of navigation and a production area using another.

Magnetic Tape

NDC8 hardware consists of powerful and reliable components in a number of areas. All components are designed for tough environments where vibrations, dust, moisture and temperature variations are all part of daily life.

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