Intelligent Logistics Management System

Hangcha intelligent logistics management system, agile and intelligent man agement system, covering the design, production, warehousing, automation management, automation equipment and other systems, to provide enterprises with “intelligent logistics” overall information and automation solutions.

Software Architecture

business management

warehousing control

Enterprise automation
/ intelligent equipment

1. Information systems:
2. Integrate with upstream
information systems

Integrate with automated
/ intelligent equipment
through AMS


Supports group & distributed
deployment, interfaces with
hosts such as ERP, CRM, SCM


Supports group & distributed
deployment, interfaces with
hosts such as ERP, CRM, SCM


Interfaces with MES / WMS and field
equipment, functionality includes
task management,
equipment control, data collection


Provide smart manufacturing solution


Provide automated storage solution

Compared with the traditional network technology, the 5G network coverage strength can be enhanced by 50%, supporting multiple devices at the same time to network, eliminating the disadvantages of industrial applications of the original channel congestion.

Using visual recognition technology, detect the position, contour of known objects, and adjust the vehicle movements in real time through 5G.

Camera scan to positioning

Detect the contour position of known objects

Position the tray coordinates and the AGV location

Adjust the status, ready for task

At the same time, 5G edge computing can shorten the delay to milliseconds and provide powerful computing power on the edge side.


HANGCHA Group focuses on the research and development and testing of forklift trucks in 5G application scenarios, and is committed to solving the problems and defects such as unstable WIFI signal, limited number of equipment connections, difficult path planning, inaccurate positioning, and inability to perceive the environment.

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